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Embrace Your Unique Brand tone of Voice to Stand Out Online

Think of your brand like a flower – each one has its own distinct look, unique colour, and scent. When we think of branding, we tend to focus on the visual elements: how it looks and how it distinguishes itself from the rest.

However, there's another important part of a flower to consider: how it makes you feel! In branding terms, that's how your brand communicates.

Your brand's tone of voice should be wholly, completely, undeniably YOU.

And that means it needs to be crafted to set you apart and leave a lasting impression on your audience. When done correctly, your brand voice draws people in like bees to a flower, because they understand exactly what you're about from the very first interaction!

I know what you're thinking. It's my voice, so it should just come naturally, right?

Well… yes. And no! A powerful brand voice is one that is authentic, but it also requires careful consideration and consistency.

What is brand voice?

Brand voice is precisely what it sounds like – the voice of your business. It's your brand's personality! More specifically, it defines what your business has to say to the world and how you say it.

It exists to build human connections, convey your values, reflect your audience's values, and create brand memorability.

Think about your favourite brands: what is it about them that draws you to them? Most of the time, it's their values! When we share values with a business, we like and trust them.

This means that brand voice is not only a blooming business booster; it's crucial for forming deep-rooted connections with your audience and consistently communicating your values.

Ready to plant a blooming brand voice of your very own? Take a slice of my process to unearth your brand voice and nurture it to blossom!

Step One: Dig into your values

Your values are the roots that underpin your business.

I've worked with dozens of brands, and many of them have had similar values. But not a single one was exactly alike, because the meaning behind those values varies from person to person.

Consider these questions:

  • What matters to your brand?

  • What do you stand for?

  • What drives your business?

  • Does it impact the specific way that you do things?

Your answers to these questions are the foundation of your message – what you want to share with the world and why.

Step two: nurture your audience

Your brand voice is about connecting two very important people: you and your ideal client.

It's crucial to understand who you're speaking to – and who YOU are as a brand.

Ask yourself these questions about your audience:

  • What do they want?

  • What do they value?

Ask yourself these questions about who YOU are:

  • How do you want to be known?

  • How do you want to make your audience feel?

And then, try this exercise to put yourself in your audience's shoes and visualise your brand as an entire person:

If you were going to meet your brand for coffee, what would your first impression of them be? Do they make you feel instantly at ease, or more energetic? Is there something about their personality that surprises you as you start chatting?

That's your brand personality and how your voice comes across!

Step Three: Keep it consistent!

You've got the roots, you know the who, and now it's time for your voice to blossom! Here's what to do next.

✨ Collect a bank of words that capture your brand, values, and personality to sprinkle throughout your business whenever you need inspiration.

Create a mini brand voice guide! Keep a record of everything you've written down about your brand to maintain consistency in your writing and to reference whenever you or your team members need to write for your business.

At Pick of the Bunch Copy, brand voice underpins every single project I work on. Not just because it makes you memorable, but because it empowers you to delve deep into what makes you unique and allows it to flourish!

Fancy a chat about creating a brand voice that empowers you and conveys all of your BLOOM factors? Come chat to me about Blossoming Brand Voice! 


Meet Your Guest Writer
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I’m Nicole, founder of Pick of the Bunch Copy! Lover of flowers, words, and supporting female entrepreneurs as they empower their audience, through copy & content arranged to connect, empower, convert, and make you un-blooming-forgettable.



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