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Giving the ultimate client experience without the overwhelm

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

Remember when you started your business, it’s all very exciting…you have dreams and goals of how you want your business to look and feel.

Maybe, you might be the go-to guru in your field, you solve a problem and are very passionate about what you do….it feels great!

But running a business is hard and has its limitations at times. You hear ALL the time about burnout and you might be fooled into thinking this is just a buzz word. But let me tell you….it is not! Burnout is very real and can stop you in your tracks, maybe when you least expect it.

Here’s a fact: despite being the best at what you do, knowledgeable with your head switched on….even the best CEO’s, business owners, entrepreneurs cannot do everything on their own when building their dream business. Hiring experts or seeking systems and outside help can often lead to faster growth and success in the long run.

Speaking of experts, I'm Michelle and I'm an expert in all things customer experience and I'm going to show you exactly how you can deliver top-notch customer service time and time again without having to repeat yourself or be glued to your laptop and without sacrificing your personal touch and caring nature...

I will show you how investing in your client journey experience that meets your clients needs AND keeps them loyal positions your business for long term success.

Client journey experience

This is essential for any business and helps ensure that customers remain satisfied and loyal, which can lead to more referrals and more business.

Customer or Client experience is not just about delivering the service in question but about creating a positive experience for the customer throughout their journey with you….from the initial contact through delivery and aftercare service. Every part matters to build strong relationships.

The aim is to build exceptional customer experience that keeps the bottom line profitable, whilst establishing trust.

The method

Why is your service different from anyone else’s? How do you stand out in the crowd?

Clients are not just £ signs…no matter how big or small your business is, clients should always be seen as people more than just money!

The power of knowing your ideal client…helps you focus on the type of client best suited to you and fully understanding them as a person.

Having a team and/or system…ensuring that everyone is aligned on the same page with regards to your visions and values and using systems to cement them.

Getting aligned

You have a vision for your business but you might be feeling like you are losing control of it. Is there confusion, misunderstanding and a lack of connection with potential clients?

Are you targeting the right clients? Do you know who your target client is?

Tasking you with creating an onboarding process

A strong onboarding process is the key to creating space for success but where the heck do you actually start??

What is ‘client onboarding’? It’s a process by which new customers are welcomed, informed and introduced to your services…In a nutshell!

It helps the customer have a positive impression of a relationship with you from the very beginning and sets the tone for future interactions. Have you ever tried to work with someone and you’ve got a bad feeling from the start and everything feels a bit all over the place? That’s what you don’t want from onboarding your clients!

Here are reasons a successful onboarding process can help you be successful:

  1. Creates trust between you and the customer

  2. Allows the customer to learn more about your services

  3. Creates an efficient customer service

  4. Makes clients into raving fans of your services

  5. Reduces customer frustration

  6. Increases loyalty

  7. Ensures onboarding clients quickly and easily

  8. Enhances the overall customer experience

My first tip…..Use a client intake form

This allows you to understand the needs of potential clients, setting the right tone for future communications.

It’s important when creating this form to include questions that gain insights into who they are and what their goals are. Additionally, ask for contact information which helps streamline communications going forward.

My next tip….Set realistic timelines

This allows everyone to know what they need to be doing and when it needs completing by. Setting achievable deadlines will help the accountability from both sides.

Monitor progress frequently

Checking in with clients regularly is important to maintain a successful relationship. It allows you to track progress and make any necessary adjustments and provides a platform for addressing any potential issues before they become a problem,


If it’s possible then use an online system to automate communication, booking calls, sending questionnaires, sending invoices and signing contracts etc

Automation can still be personal, it is not robotic but what it does do is ensure that every customer gets the same level of high service without the need for YOU to be glued to your laptop.

Dubsado works so well for this as it’s also branded to you and emails come from you and it’s like YOU were typing all the emails live….but you are not!

Offboarding is also very important

Celebrating ending working with a client is equally important as the beginning. Thinking about what your client needs at the end, creating info for them to take away and asking for feedback.

Having the whole onboarding process mapped out for optimum service from the beginning to the middle and the end is creating a positive and supportive environment for customers to achieve their goals.

It motivates them to rave about you on social media, share details with their friends and create a high level of exposure that can lead to referrals from this uplifted awareness.

By ensuring you have an onboarding (and offboarding) process, you can expect higher retention rates and referrals whilst achieving a profitable growth.

Let’s recap:
  1. Understand your target client

  2. Create an onboarding process (automated if possible)

  3. Celebrate milestones

  4. Foster great communication

  5. Receive feedback (however honest)

At the beginning of this blog I talked about doing all the things yourself and asking for help to prevent burnout and ultimately ensure that your business is successful.

Creating an onboarding process may seem trivial and you might be thinking….’’I really don’t think just doing this is going to help me’’...but the simplest things can be the most effective. Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it!

Asking for help when you don’t know where to start is the first step to getting more referrals, more money in the business and more importantly more TIME!

Are you ready to take the steps to creating the best client experience and an onboarding process to prevent burnout?

I support women 1:1 in achieving their dream business by assessing their current onboarding process and streamlining this to provide the very best results for their clients. You can email me on

or you can apply for support here


Meet Your Guest Writer

Michelle Gillson sat in a coffee shop with a coffee in hand and an apple mac laptop open on the table

Michelle is a Dubsado Consultant who teaches women in business how to smooth out their client onboarding using Dubsado. Michelle offers personalised 1:1 training and support to elevate your clients experience, simplify onboarding so you dedicate more time to your current clients and growing your business.


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