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hello and welcome!

We are so excited to have you here! Let's dive in a little more to what Her Gateway REALLY IS!



her gateway - Circle of people

That's why we're all about building a community of like-minded individuals who get you, support you, and cheer you on—even when you're not in the room! We understand that having your people is crucial. In this business journey, connections are everything—they keep you sane and moving forward.

her gateway - Friends Having Drinks

Her Gateway came to life because I noticed a missing link in the small business industry—or honestly, in the world at large. We've lost touch with genuine connection amidst the hustle and bustle of daily life. It's all about instant gratification and rewards, but we've forgotten the true art of connecting with one another. As humans, connection is vital for survival, and in the business realm, it's the key to thriving.

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We get it, especially in a world where we spend lots of time working alone or from home, those connections can slip away. But fear not! At Her Gateway, we're on a mission to bring them back, reigniting the spark of genuine connections that fuel your growth and success. So, welcome aboard to a community that's got your back and will keep those connections thriving!

Image by Bence Halmosi


Her Gateway, we're definitely not into competition or cliques—no high school sorority vibes here!


This is your cozy home, where you can freely share your ups and downs, ask any question (even if it sounds silly), and get genuine help and support without any judgment or salesy stuff.

We're all about keeping it real and fostering authentic connections.


her gateway - three men carrying women surrounded by m

At Her Gateway, our vision is to be THE ultimate place for small businesses across the UK! We're dreaming big, envisioning parties, panels, retreats, and maybe even a festival, all created by small businesses for small businesses. But that's not all—we're also determined to introduce training and development opportunities, anything we can think of, we want to achieve it!

Our pledge is to collaborate with as many small businesses as possible, keeping the cash flowing and success thriving within our circle. We are the future, and together, we make up the majority of the UK economy so it's time we got a chunk of those corporate profits too!

her gateway - Image by Brooke Cagle
her gateway - Roller Coaster Ride

The possibilities here are limitless, and we want you to feel the same excitement about your business! So buckle up, because we're here to support your journey towards endless growth and opportunities!

meet katie

Say hello to Katie, the incredible founder of Her Gateway, a true multi-passionate entrepreneur with a heart that beats for small businesses.


When she's not connecting with our amazing members here at Her Gateway, she's out supporting small businesses through her Consulting ventures.

Katie kicked off her journey with Katie Chic Consulting back in 2020, and she's fiercely committed to changing the statistics of small businesses for the better. Like many of you, Katie wasn't born into business or wealth—quite the opposite.


Her path to where she is today has been quite the adventure, but you'll have to wait for that story because right now, she's laser-focused on preparing to shine the spotlight on YOUR incredible story <3.


Get ready for an amazing journey with Katie by your side!

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 we would love for you to join us! 


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Join us in person or online

by checking out our networking events calandar!


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Learn more about how we help each other over on our membership page!

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